Welcome! We have two available yellow girls and one available black girl to loving Labrador homes.

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Inquiries Welcome

Our Labrador Retrievers

 Thank you for inquiring about our Labrador Retrievers. We are dedicated "fanciers"

who participate in various dog related events. We breed occasionally to produce charming, gentle and beautiful Labrador Retrievers that conform to the breed standard, are

intelligent, and able to do what the Labrador was meant to do - Retrieve. We also

focus on doing all we can to produce physically and mentally sound dogs.

Through competitions, membership in both the local and national Labrador Retriever

Clubs we are exposed to other points of view, educational programs, updated rules

and regulations and more importantly have an opportunity to share concerns,

information and ideas with other concerned and knowledgeable dog people.

When we have litters, we make sure our puppies are sold to loving committed

homes. We do our best to screen the owners to ensure a good match between the

puppy and the buyer. Before the puppy leaves our home, it has been well care for

and socialized. The puppy does not go to it's new owner as a trained, well-mannered

finished product. It is up to the puppy buyer to complete the job we have started.

The new owner is responsible for the further development of the puppy’s personality,

through structured discipline, training, guidance, and love. In an effort to ensure that

our puppies are going to receive the love and care they will require throughout their

lives, we ask all potential buyers to complete a questionnaire. If you wish to be

put on our waiting list you must complete and return the questionnaire to us.

All of our pet puppies are sold on a Limited Registration--without exception, which

means that if the dog is bred, the resulting offspring will not be recognized or

registerable with the AKC. Pet puppies are required to be spayed/neutered--no

exceptions. As much as possible we attempt to evaluate each puppy’s personality by

observing them during their development. And as much as possible we attempt to

match the puppy to the buyer to produce the best fit of puppy and family.

Prior to taking the puppy home you will be given information on training and care of

your puppy and a list of the proper equipment and supplies to obtain prior to

bringing your puppy home. At the time you purchase your puppy you will be given a

completed sales agreement (which you must sign), we will fill out the AKC papers

which I will mail from here with your check, parents OFA/ACVO certifications, our

health records, the puppy's microchip information (we will fill out the microchip

registration as well as any additional information that we feel may be needed.

We make every effort to ensure that our puppies are free from inherited defects, by

screening perspective breeding stock for those problems common to our breed.

However due to complex genetic interactions and environmental factors beyond our

control we cannot guarantee that a puppy purchased from us will be free of genetic


Please research the Labrador Retriever before wanting to buy one. Do not make the

mistake of buying ANY puppy on impulse. It could be the worse mistake of your life,

and cost you and the puppy months of sorrow. A puppy is a cute little bundle of fur.

A Labrador is only a cute little puppy for a few short weeks. Very quickly, it becomes

a big teen-aged dog who has a great sense of humor, and boundless energy. Do not

expect a Labrador to be a mature dog for two to three years. Do expect to spend a

good amount of your time troubleshooting many "growing-up" issues, including

training and every day living with your Labrador. We are happy to recommend several

local trainers that we have used with success that can help you achieve a wonderful

balance in life and play with your new family member.  We are also available to help with

training, health, and any issue that may arise throughout the life of a Snow Ridge Labrador.


Inquiries welcome


If you are interested in one of our Labradors joining your family please feel free to contact us.

Our Labradors require a wonderful loving home where they will be a cherished member of the family for their lifetime. A puppy questionnaire helps us get to know each potential family and what type of Labrador will best fit into their lifestyle. All of our Labradors are placed on AKC limited registration. 

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